Today since the morning I've been trying to think what should I blog about and I haven't got any idea! Though I was doing all day something for TheStyleStash...
I am going to keep writing till something gets in my mind, but while I do it! I have to tell you that I have something so ridiculously amazing coming!! I am very excited and I will need the support of you all!

I had an idea! I was inspired on my way to the shopping mall... The Bullet necklace! this is a huge trend right now specially in the European countries! they come in every size and colors! In my opinion they are not pretty or ugly I just don't have a preference when it comes to it..

When it comes to color I like way more than any of them the white one... it is fashionable with every single outfit and actually makes the illusion of a crystal ... a special one that I don't remember the name lol .