Hey everyone! I am soooo happy that yesterday Chile won its first match!!!! I am beyond excited because I am seeing them with the cup in their hands! I have such a strong feeling ! That's why I am planning, and I am saying PLANNING! not 100% sure, to travel to Mendoza, Argentine to go to the Semi Finals or Finals! but that still will have to wait a little! Anyways! I am so excited about yesterday's match that I can't wait for Friday to watch the new match again! because this is going to be "tougher" (every single team that supposedly are very tough, have been very low! so you never know! ) I will keep my eyes open! and guess what? best of all that my cousin (she is like my sis!) and her little son will be coming to our house to stay and watch the match with us! so we are going to remember the old time memories! and that puts me such in a great mood! And adding the last thing.... I finally bought and iPad and is arriving tomorrow! so now there will be no excuses to not posting everyday!!! 

Seriously, this week can get any better!? 
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and I wanted to know your opinion, about getting like a personal blog, with personal stuff and personal pics! but that is just going through my mind! please tell me what ya' think!