I know I am not with someone right now and I am not engaged yet!!! though my cousin just got engaged 2 weeks ago and I am so happy for her!! 


The thing I am going to talk bout right now is about the engagement ring! Well I only realized about engagement rings since my cousin got engaged... now when I look couples I look at the fingers if there is any engagement  ring... and what I've noticed is that a looooooot of girls wear the ring in their right hand! 


But as far as I know and I've noticed in Khloè Kardashian-Odom , Kim Kardashian and Duchess Catherine Middleton they all wear their engagement rings in their left hand! So girls if you are with your ring in the right hand... make sure you change it right away honeys!! Because the proper way to wear it is in the left hand! 

Khloe Kardashian attends the HPNOTIQ Harmonie Launch event.

Hope this was useful for some people! and since it is summer (most countries) and the weddings are starting to pop out really I will make more entries about these kind of stuff!