Don't know what to wear to a party? Yeees that was my motto last night since I couldn't find a freackin' thing to wear and that's why I decided to write this post!

If it is so freezing as it was yesterday for me, probably skirts are not a good idea! though you can wear one with amazing cute tights!

If you are planning to dance in your night out, this type of bag is such a NO NO ! I mean who would want to dance with a girl that her handbag is as bigger as her blazer!? conclusion... nobody.

For an amazing piece, this coat!! Everyone thinks that because you are going out at night you should wear blacks and greys and those dark colors, guess what!? I feel and think completely the opposite!! A great light pink or white coat it is amazing! that feminine look you want you will get.

I know it is freezing outside but once you get inside and dance 5 minutes you will be feeling warm, so the big scarf will be such a NO NO!
Here are some ideas of what you might want to wear!!