OMG I am so happy today because since I am officially an American I am celebrating this 4th July with all my heart!! I feel so grateful for that amazing country that is called the United States of America! USA is the best country on earth, they gave us everything when we went and they are giving us a lot now that we returned to Chile! They always supported us when we were there and I know with the bottom of my heart that they will always will. 

4th of July Fashion Faux Pas: Katy Perry

America was one of the first if not the first country declaring the Independence! They were so brave and they still are ! With all the wars and problems USA had before and still is having, they are strong enough to make their country a paradise on earth.

4th of July Fashion Faux Pas: Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt

So Today I am dressing with something blue, white and red! just to honor the amazing country USA!!! If you want to accomplish  the greatest look just remember... Stripes, Navy, Red, Blue and White! Also you can shine a little bit and be fierce all t the same time.. these are my fav outfits for the 4th July !!!!! YAYYYYYYYY !!! 

4th of July Fashion Faux Pas: Britney Spears

4th of July Fashion Faux Pas: Jessica Simpson

Happy 4th July Everyone!!!