A lot of people think that you can't color coordinate green with red because you might look like a Christmas tree!
Well I was one of those people too, but if you add some gold touches like the perfect accessories you can create a beautiful outfit! 

I've always loved the combination of green and blue, because it just makes me so calm and I start to think about the beach and those exotic islands around the world. Is not hard to combine them together because those two colors just get along!  

Great options for the Green-Blue and Green-Red are the tribal prints! They are so weird and beautiful they make the perfect balance for your great outfit! you just need to know how to wear them and remember that confidence is THE accessory you always have to bring with you! 

If you are not that brave to combine the colors in clothes you can do it with accessories, the one that I absolutely adore in red is the simple envelope shaped clutch! It is super fashionable and easy to carry, PLUS it is not the biggest accessory and that way you will not feel sooooooo weird.