Hello everyone so I am so excited today to announce that I am the blog of the Week in Fashionfreax ! I am so excited! This is the first time I am really getting into the fashion world and how better to do it with an interview? 

I am very happy about this and I am seeing that my dreams are coming true, maybe you consider is not a big deal but for me is gigantic! I am in love with my fashion blog and I am so inspired to keep posting and keeping the blog way much better !! Here is a piece of the interview... 

"...How did you get in touch with fashion?
I’ve always loved fashion and everything related to it, my mom is the person who put me in the fashion scene, because everytime I wanted to buy something she told me to design how I want it and she would make it real in a couple of days!

Why do you have a fashion blog and for how long for?
I have TheStyleStash.com since May in 2010 but it really took off in August 2010! One day I was like ‘I want to make my name in the fashion industry’ and this whole blogger thing was really into everybody so my mom gave me the idea and I just took the risk and I loved it!....."

If you want to read the complete interview you can check it out here.