Hey ! I feel like I haven't write in a loooong time! and I Was thinking about the perfect entry! How to get a casual look but still looking so fab, chic and sexy!
I know that sometimes if you want to wear heels you immediately are going to put an elegant accent on it! but when you have a romper really floppy and kind of light you can wear any type of heels and you immediately are going to look super casual, though you really have to accessorize it very well since just A necklace can make a whole another story...

Also the tights and the big sweater are great options, they don't look too scruffy and not that fancy! so this is really a perfect choice for an afternoon at the park or grocery shopping or even just cozy in your house! Another idea with the picture up is the make up .. you can really have bronze type of eyes and very light pink or nude lip color! a little blush and you are ready for your casual cozy kind of day!

I love hats though I feel like I have a costume on... but well that's not the business here... Hats can really make you look super cool and just kind of flowing with the day! The fedora kind of hat is just amazing for the beach, for a walk or everything it is just the perfect accessory to your casual outfit not adding a little spark of elegant type of clothing! 

Never forget that a great pair of heels can go a long way, but you have to choose wisely if you  want to look casual and normal for a day .. you can try this tribal print heels that are not fancy neither too casual.. you will have to balance your outfit to not make it Fashion Week Red Carpet ready! hahaha.

So never forget when it comes to casual clothing, the big sweaters, light shirts, flow-ish kind of skirts and jean shorts, great pair of heels (this you have to take in mind the outfit) and the unforgettable tank top ! Honeys, this shirts can go such a long way! and of course the flower dresses ;) that are a total hit right now!