Let 'Em Eat Cake!

Hey everyone! I am so excited and happy that Halloween is only one day away. I remember my whole life when I was growing up, you know that stage where you can't go (in Chile) trick or treating (yeah we are a very boring country when it comes to Halloween ), I was always having something to do but then my friends would cancelled it just the same day..
I have a pretty bad history when it comes to this festivity that I love and for the first time in years I am changing that :)! I have a costume party tomorrow and I can't wait to share my amazing costume with them and you ! and also can't wait to give this Halloween the touch of an USA one!

Kim Kardashian Halloween Costume Poison Ivy Midori Party 2011

I think Tuesday I will share the pics from the party and of course my costume, which I have to say is absolutely amazing and I LOVE IT! two hints : I love it and its FEARLESS! maybe you will know maybe you won't but you can wait until Tuesday to know.. in the mean while enjoy this pictures and TRICK OR TREAT!!!! 

heidi klum halloween 301011

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