Pinch Punch first day of the month ! ( I heard that and now I am obsessed with it lol)  Happy 1st November! I  have to say Halloween was definitely a lot fun! I got the chance to wear a really great and funny costume!
And if you guessed from my previous entry Congrats! hahahaha. I was dressed as a Leopard.. actually it was body paint, LBD, wedges and the tail and ears that my mom made for me!

IT may looks suepr difficult to accomplish but actually it wasn't that bad! I just spread yellow body paint in my entire arm, part of my back and part of my face, the I grabbed a brush and start making the pattern .. it was long 2 hours of make up and getting ready but it was so worth the wait! 

The shoes are from Forever21 the last time I was in Miami, the dress from my store and the tail and ears were part of a robe that I had hahaha. It was fun to be dressed as a Leopard and I have to assure it was a lot of fun!!!

Finally I got the chance to break the curse of Halloween that I've been having hahaha, what should I be dressing up next year? ... I hope I have many parties because now I am thinking of a lot of fun costumes!!!