OK, I already know that I haven't post anything! but here I am posting something that will caught your attention ( cause it definitively caught mine!). The Gold, The Red, The Black and The White. 

The 3 colros, gold, red and black and the absent one (the white) are my 4 fav right now! I love the combo that they make, edgy, classic, sexy or even casual, these types of colors brings you the perfect match for the perfect occasion. When I want to be fresh (Summer is starting pretty HOT) I wear white, why? because it reflects the ligh of the sun so you can't be as hot as wearing black!

But we can never forget that black is a must in every girl's wardrobe and specially mine! The black can be worn in summer too! But most, in the night... that is way perfect, heels and the Little black dress (LBD) will give you the classic look you want and since you are wearing it at night, you will not get the HOT feeling as if you were walking under the sun at 3 p.m

OK, time for the red... Remember the sexy look I talked about? Well, with this sensational color you will be able to pull it off amazingly and you can bring the passion for fashion into your life ASAP!