Hey honeys! I am super inspired this week and this time of my life, I decided to really let the negativity behind and start way more positive! I am now Positive mode on! So I am keeping away those people who doesn't give me anything good in my life and only bring me negativity! ... A quick update about what is happening. 

I've been really in love with London (since the Royal Wedding!) and I really looking forward to go the next year and who knows maybe stay there! 

I love the vibe in there, the hot cappuccino's, the 2 floor buses, the flag, the people, the nightclubs, the way of living, everything is just amazing and so beautiful, just like a fairy tale! 
Please enjoy the city of my dreams! but before I really want to know if you want me to make a youtube channel (Tutorials, hauls, how-to's, random, misc, fashion, etc? I know that I've been saying this long time ago but I just really want to do it and I am a little bit indecisive want to help me?