They say you are what you wear, and I agree on that 100%.. let's be real a hippie will not dress with a full gold sequin dress and an elegant woman will not wear a tracksuit from Walmart.

A few advice I can share with you to dress more classy .. Gold accents, they are so fabulous and sometimes they can pull an outfit beyond thoughts! As you can see the picture up, a leather bracelet with few gold accents are perfect. When people say less is more, that is the motto you should follow to dress more classy ! 

Nude pumps and faux fur, are another must to be elegant, a cute outfit with nude pumps will make you look almost like Kate Middleton, don't you want to look like her?. And the faux fur is another must have, whether is nude, brown, or just black it gives the instant sense of highness you want. 

The list goes on and on.. structured, dress, monochromatic looks, black&white combo's, great clutches, red sole heels (only one color!),blazers and capes are so classic too! and never forget a designer piece, such as a Chanel bag, Manolo Blahnik heels, YSL jewelry