Hello little fashionistas out there! Yesterday was a great day and now I am inspired to post couple of outfits that I really love. What I want to do with this? Really simple, to demonstrate that you don't need to have an important meeting or something to do to dress amazing and look stunning! 

I know that some people say, you are going to school don't wear heels or don't wear  faux fur coat you are only going to the supermarket.. well I tell to those people, get in your lives! You SHOULD dress all the time amazing, even if you are just going to the supermarket.

I know that I maybe be sinful in this, because I don't tend to go amazingly dressed to the supermarket (Yeah, sometimes I am the kind of girl that goes with slippers :D ) But I am trying my own advice lately, to dress amazing everywhere I go! and you should do the same honeys!