As everyone knows, if you guys obviously read my twitter I went to Britney's Spears Femme Fatale Tour! and it was INSANEEEEE ! I seriously had the time of my life watching her sing and dance, and actually performing a great show! 

Lots of people are saying that she didn't sing, don't even moved, but you know what? I don't care, you go to a concert to watch the whole thing, experiment being with the people around you, watch her moving, singing, saying something, how the back up dancers do their thing, the costumes, the effects, the lights and the music! You go to watch everything and to be very honest this concert was absolutely outrageous! 

A thing that I will never repeat, is going where the all people are, because they push you, people were fainting, people couldn't breathe and it was absolutely terrible, maybe for next time I will get the chance to go to the front row! But anyways.. the concert was AWESOME! Enjoy the pictures I took during the concert and I will see if I have the chance to upload a video!