I know that is kind of late when I am posting it, but better later than never, right? The thing is Face hunter (Yvan Rodic) just landed in Chile yesterday at 10pm. He supposedly would come Saturday and Sunday, but something happened with the Argentine Airlines that he took a flight round 8pm. 
This is super exciting because I really love his work, he is a photographer in the street style kind of thing, and let me tell you he is master in his work! I love when he shares the pictures form London, Paris, Amsterdam and New York! so many stylish people! but of course there are lots of styles in other countries too! Let's see if he can find something while in Chile!

This pictures were taken in Buenos Aires, Argentina! 

These were taken in Rio Do Janeiro! :

All the pictures are from facehunter.org and/or facehunter.blogspot.com All the rights go to Yvan Rodic (Facehunter)