Hey dolls! Yesterday I was on a study trip to the beach where we saw different galleries and mountains, photographs and so artistic bohemian stuff! (for those who choose careers related to arts were able to go on the trip) I was so inspired by the nature and colors the world is giving us!

I've been watching a lot the nature prints, animal prints and fruit prints as well as lots of colors and tribal things! Since I am inspired by the mountains and the grass beneath us I just figured out the coolest outfit...

A snake print flow y blouse to recreate the animals of the mountain and the flow of the wind. Then for pants or skirt you can choose a very pretty green pair of pants or something in earth tones to recreate the grass or the desert.

For shoes just go with something neutral like black or nude but a little red for color blocking wouldn't go that bad at all! It will give you the latest trend and the life of the countryside!!!