O-M-G ! Don't you love when you see people walking down the streets with great white coats and amazing black leather pants? Well I personally do love that combo! BUUUUT something that is really in my mind since I am SOOO against animal cruelty is if that they are really wearing faux fur!

Some people say is so trashy to wear faux fur.. but I am telling you .. is SO TRASHY to wear really animal skin since they really suffer and I love animals! That's why these faux fur coats are so beautiful, plus they are perfect for the cold winter because they really warm you up!

There are in soooo many colors and I love every single one of them! I had one picture with a faux fur coat with lots of colors but it was too tiny to post it! But you certain can Google it! I have to say my two favorite colors in these coats are the black and the white!! and of course pairing them with black leather pants or just black skinny jeans but no colors underneath.. but now that I am thinking... black faux fur coat with pop out color jeans would be so cool.. but I don't know yet! I guess I will have to wait until the next year for my winter to come again hahaha.

And what is super cool... the animal print in faux fur though this kind of coat is super hard to wear since you really have to stand out!!  My personal opinion about these coats are that you really have to wear entire black outfit and gold jewelry but no stones like ruby or turquoise etc..