Well is not about English pride but I thought this picture up is so beautiful and I am managing to find it on the web.. so if you know about it please email me (info@thestylestash.com)  or send me a tweet or put something on the Facebook page ! :)
I am so sorry to tell you that I maybe not be able to write every single day since I have an injury in my right arm that I have to take care of ... a.k.a I can't write on my keyboard nor in my blackberry but I will def try my best!

I know that lately I've been uploading a lot of bags and shoes's pictures but I just can't get enough of them! I am so in love with accessories lately that I think I might be crazy for them hahaha.

In handbags you really can't choose your favorite... you need to have at least your top 5! I mean, I can't imagine a person with only one favorite bag it is just insane... there are so many shapes, colors, textures and sizes that it is impossible to have them all in a tiny wardrobe! 

They can make your outfit super elegant or super casual, even hippie or super boho chic! But for myself you really need to have the basic colors and then have them all in every shape and sizes... I know that I might be braking my own rule but when I saw a pink clutch in Miami I just couldn't resist... 

The colors every girl should must own should be the unforgettable black, white, nude (sand tone), dark brown and one in a very special color maybe yellow, blue, green or red! but those are the basics! And I have to stay true to you guys and tell that I am braking my own rule since I don't have a nude and dark brown bag... but now that I am writing about it I maybe will go right now to buy the last two! (and I know something more will end up on my shopping bag lol).