I am a huge brush lover but I am definitely into face brushes rather than eye ones (I am just a sucker for contouring). So today I wanted to share the basic pack that I would highly recommend anyone should have in their homes. Remember this is a complete pack so if you are more into face brushes like me just buy the face brushes but if you are more into mixing eye shadows and crazy eye makeup definitely here are some brushes missing. 

Let's start! I gathered them from left to right step wise. The first one at the left is a powder brush that is so stiff I use it to apply my foundation and I LOVE IT, if you pat your foundation into your skin it will leave it flawless and perfect

Then I have the Sephora brush, I wanted to include this for the concealer in the dark circle ares (the point will be more precise in this area) but also because I love that Sephora adds a little lid to save your brush from getting dirty, which I think is a brilliant idea and if I didn't have all the makeup brushes I do I would purchase all from Sephora, not only because the hygiene but because they are super nice and they have a great price too

That leaves us to our 3rd core brush, the contour one, this is PERFECT for applying bronzer on the cheeks, I love this one for that and pretty much every single part of my face I want to contour. 

Blush brush is the next one, besides the coral handle that makes it so pretty, this brush is tremendously soft and with the point shape the process of applying blush will be easier and faster. 

And last but not least (in the face subject) the powder brush. We all know that Real Techniques is the perfect mix between great price and amazing quality so I am not going to get into this, but this brush is perfect to blend everything out. 

Now the eye brushes time. We've got the bottom one that is a fluffy brush to blend everything in your eye area, I would highly recommend getting a brush like this one if you are new into this whole eyeshadow thing, it will be easier for you to blend and not apply it too harsh on your eyelids.
And now finally last but definitely not least, an angled brush, this brush can be super handy for applying eyeliner but it is also the perfect brush for brows, honestly I swear by my Anastasia Brow Wiz, but since I run out of it and in my country they don't sell it at all (I know my heart is breaking every time I have to do my brows) this brush has been a life saver. 

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