Ok, in my hole life I've been dealing with haters, cause those are everywhere! and beggining my blog was no exception, maybe you guys saw the comment some ass hole did, and YES I deleted it! cause I want to be sorrounded by good energies and keep the negative thoughts AWAY FROM ME.

Now going in more subjects I want to talk about. Is I know that I haven't been updating my blog, it's liek one entry every 2 days! and that's completely WRONG, the other thing is, I writte and I writte so fast that then I don't care about the gramatic or other stuff, so from now on I promise I will post more, keep up with the gramatic, and keep this blog as beautiful as it is now!
Actually since I am claiming myself  I started to think if changing my background! but I am not THAT sure so I will leave it as it is now and maybe one day you come up to my blog and realize I changed it completely ( Maybe not completely but the background YES! hahaha).

Sorry for the bad quality of the picture hahaha!