Everytime that you are close to be 18 we wonder if our parents are going to give us the car that we have always dreamed of. I have to say i love expensive thing so it is sure that i love expensive cars so i decided to post the cars i want!
Before starting telling you guys the cars i want i need to say that if you want expensives ones and your parents dont have the enough money to buy them please dont obligate them cause it is hard for them! Also if you want those really bad you can make an arrangement w your mum and dad, and what does that mean? Very easy you guys can find a job and work for the car you want and pay half and half with your parents !
Please enjoy the cars i want and of course comment below and tell me which are your favorite cars!! 

I am so obsessed with black Hammers and white one! I just love them cause it makes 
you look big with powerful, fabolous and celeb-style! and I just found out this crazy pink inside and I loved it, tho I am notsure if I would do that to a Hummer hahaha. 
I love convertible cars and i love them even more if they have 4 doors 
and 4 seats cause i love big cars and thats why i def want this 
Mercedes Benz!
Also i love BMW convertibles and of course Chrysler too!!

OMG! Range Rover is symbol of authority, faboulosity, money and 
youthful is just a perfect car! And i always dreamed of having this 
car and at any point in my life i will definetely have this one!
Commander Jeep! I love them cause it is super luxorious as the ford ones !!!
Talking about ford! My dad owns a Ford F-150 and I definetely love it cause as I said it is super luxorious and I just love that sensation !:) 
Also (omg i want a lot of cars hahahhaha) well other cars that i love 
is the amazing tahoe of chevrolet is super cool and my father had one 
too well a better one that Sylver-dont-know-what hahahha.
Omg help me guys decide which car i will buy first hahahha,
 Much love,